Valor Mouse Specifications

Physical Specifications
Height 125mm (4.92in)
Width 63mm (2.48in)
Depth 39.8mm (1.56in)
Weight 63g +/- 2g (2.22oz)
Exterior 6 Buttons - Matte coating

Sensor / Tracking
Make / Model PixArt PAW3395 DM
Resolution (DPI) 26,000
Speed (IPS) 650
Acceleration (g) 50
Polling Rate (USB) 1,000Hz

Make / Model Kailh GM 8.0
Durability 80,000,000 clicks

Additional Features
MCU CX52850
Battery 300mA Li-ion Polymer Battery
Battery Life ~60h - 1.5h to full charge
Connection Type 2.4GHz Wireless and wired via USB-C to USB-A
Mouse Feet 100% virgin PTFE
RGB Lighting Full RGB lighting customization via software
Warranty 1 Year

System Requirements
Opperating System Windows 7/8/9/10/11
Mac OS X (software notsupported)
Connection Type USB-A Port

Included in the box
1 x Valor Wireless Mouse
1 x USB C/A adapter & premium paracord cable
2 x Low & 2 x High palm covers
1 x Extra mouse feet
1 x Manual