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PureTrak PerfectGlide | HD - SteelSeries Xai/Sensei/RAW - 2 PACK

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PerfectGlide | HD™ 100% PTFE Mouse Feet are our performance enhancing line of OEM replacement mouse feet designed to greatly improve the movement and feel of your mouse while providing an ultra-fast glide. Similar to our already well-known line of PerfectGlide™ replacement mouse feet, the PerfectGlide | HD™ line was created for the niche of gamers still seeking the absolute fastest glide available. In addition to its pure PTFE material, the PerfectGlide | HD™ measures in at 1.2mm thickness for much greater life expectancy.

  • Two (2) sets of mouse feet included in each package
  • Color: Blue
  • Thickness of 1.2mm
  • Same as Original Fitment
  • Unique Material Blend Which Provides "Perfect" Movement
  • Powerful 3M Backing Glue
  • Limited (30) Day Warranty
  • Life Expectancy of Six (6) Months or Greater

Compatible Models

  • SteelSeries Xai / Sensei / RAW

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