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About us

PureTrak Gaming Gear

To drive our company forward, we have a challenging and inspiring mission: to improve the world of gaming by producing powerful, quality, and affordable products for any gamer, no matter what the budget. This mission gives us the motivation to develop innovative products that help millions of gamers world-wide play better and play harder.

PureTrak supports some of the largest, most successful gaming organizations in the world which has allowed us to gain crucial feedback from every day professionals who require nothing but the best equipment to win. That crucial feedback has gone in to the design of every single PureTrak product to date. These partnerships have also allowed us to stay connected to our roots as gamers as well as the opportunity to give back to the community that has helped grow the PureTrak brand to what it is today. On the development side, one of our top priorities is to manufacture all of our products and materials within the United States. This not only provides continued economic support, but provides us with faster development times while ensuring our products are built to the highest quality standards available today.

But with being a leader comes responsibility. This means that we care about the impact that we have on not only our customers, but the environment as well. That's why all PureTrak products, packaging, and printed items are made using no less than recycled 70% post-consumer material through responsible paper choices, Soy-Based inks, Eco-Friendly toners, and contain easily recyclable plastics. In addition, every single PureTrak product is manufactured to be 100% fully recyclable.

Looking to the future, we would like to thank everyone for their continued support of our brand and products over the last 9 years. We look forward to providing the gaming world with new and exciting products for years to come.