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PureTrak PerfectGlide - SteelSeries Xai/Sensei/RAW - 2 PACK

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The original PerfectGlide™ Performance Enhancing Mouse Skate series provides the “perfect” balance between speed and control giving your mouse unparalleled glide performance. From their unique blue color to our one-of-a-kind PTFE-blended material, our PerfectGlide™ line will bring tremendous improvement to your mouse’s glide.

  • Two (2) sets of mouse feet included in each package
  • Color: Blue
  • Thickness of 0.6mm (Meets or exceeds OEM factory skates)
  • Same as Original Fitment
  • Unique Material Blend Which Provides "Perfect" Movement
  • Powerful 3M Backing Glue
  • Limited (30) Day Warranty
  • Life Expectancy of Six (6) Months or Greater


Compatible Models

  • SteelSeries Xai / Sensei / RAW